Frequently asked questions when buying solar systems

Who is who in the solar market?

When it comes to solar it is always wise for a customer to check whether the solar company has the Clean Energy Council accreditation to install solar systems. Ask them whether they have qualified installer/ designer. You should check whether they have the appropriate builders license(this is required as solar panel installation is regarded as building work) and an electrical contractor’s licence. According to the governing laws and regulations a solar company must have these credentials. Otherwise the solar system is not covered by manufacturer’s warranty regardless what they promised you and the building work is not going to be covered by your home or business building insurance in case something happens.

Are they reputable?

When selecting your solar company, make sure you choose a reputable company with proven experience. You should find out how long they have been in the solar industry and whether they are an established company that will be around in the future if things go wrong.

Jump on their company website to check the testimonials or ask them to show you what solar systems they have done in your area. If you know their past customers contact some of them to find out if they were knowledgeable, easy to work with, and took the time to explain the system’s operation. Also find out if their systems are working well, if there have been any problems, and, if so, if their installer returned to fix them.

Is it wise to sign a contract for a cheap solar system online?

Signing up a cheap solar system online or mail-order with a solar company that never visit your home or business is always a risk. Experience tells us when something is cheap there must be a reason, either using inferior products or unqualified installers, and quite often there are hidden cost.

You may save some dollars upfront but it might cost a lot more in a long run.

If a solar company is not willing do a comprehensive, on-site assessment before you sign up, it is very likely you can’t get them back in case something goes wrong. A 90 minutes appointment can help ensure a thoughtfully-designed & well-planned installation, as well as the in-depth understanding of the benefit of your solar system.

What is the STC rebate? Are there any other government incentives for solar?

When you install a solar system you are helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This entitles you to create environmental credits called Small-Scale Technology Certificates or STCs. (The STC rebate has dropped significantly over the last few 5 years).

Most companies will give you a discount on the STC rebate when you assign the rights of the STC’s over to them. This is the preferred option for most residential and business owners because there are difficulties in trading the STC’s on the market.

Depending on the area you are living in, some city councils also offer incentives towards solar. For example, from July 1, 2015 the Adelaide City Council has Sustainable City Incentives Scheme available to all building owners and tenants including businesses, residents, schools, community and sporting organisations in the City of Adelaide. Contact Allstate Solar to find out whether you are qualified of any rebate.

Is there any government Feed-in-tariff?

No. The state government feed-in-tariff schemes has finished. For people who entered into a contract in the past have a feed-in-tariff may still apply until their contract runs out.

What is the benefit of solar?

It is beneficial to have a solar. For people who are considering solar it is not a matter of making money by selling solar electricity back to the grid, it is now more important to use your solar electricity during daylight hours. (For the consumer who uses little daytime electricity there are energy storage systems available to you)

What size system is right for my home

This one is easier to solve. A reputable solar installation company will take the time needed to do a full analysis of your electricity usage and also take the time to fully explain to the customer what size system will assist them at present and into the future. Doing this will help to maximise on the investment.

I don’t have a north facing roof for solar panels, is it still worth getting solar

Yes. In most cases solar panels are more efficient when they are facing north but for the home or business owner an east and or west facing system may be more beneficial if there is a high morning or late afternoon electricity usage. Once again, if you are using a reputable solar installation company this will be explained.

Do I need battery storage system

The future of solar lies in battery storage system, with the ever diminishing feed-in-tariff it is advisable when sizing a solar system to have a provision for batteries.

What size battery storage do I need

Battery storage size depends on your electricity usage pattern(daytime and nighttime use). Based on your electricity bills we are able to advise you what best suits you.

What type of battery storage systems are available

On the market there are a few quality lithium-ion battery back -up solutions available, including Tesla Powerwall, Pylontech LFP, LG Cheme and GCL battery.

We are able to help you identify which solution suits you best based on your location, usage pattern or any other factors.

I already have a solar system, can I add battery to it

Yes in most cases battery systems can be retrofitted to existing solar system. We can help you with that.

How much will this cost me?

Thanks to the Government’s Solar Credits scheme the cost to the customer is greatly reduced.

Is there a warranty provided with the solar system?

Yes, Allstate Solar will pass on a 5 – 25 year manufacturer warranty on the inverters depending on the type & brand, and also pass on a 25 year performance warranty on the solar panels from the manufacturer. As for the installation there is a 12 month warranty on our workmanship.

Have the solar panels and inverters been tested for quality to both Australian and international standards?

Yes, the panels are tested to and meet the standard IEC61215 and IEC61730 and the inverter complies with standard AS/NZ4777, all panels and inverters are listed as CEC (Clean Energy Council) accredited.

In event of a supply failure or blackout will the solar system take over supply of electricity to the house?

Yes. If you choose a hybrid solar system including Allstate Solar City solution (Solax inverter with Pylontech LFP solution or Schneider Connext inverter with carbon battery solution) the inverter’s EPS (emergency power supply) function will be automatically turned on to seamless supply electricity to critical loads, like light, fridges and pump.

Do you offer interest free repayment plan?

Yes. For qualified customer we offer interest free repayment plans. Conditions apply.

How do I go about getting a Solar System installed in my home?

There are 3 easy steps to solar:

  1. Phone us for an appointment and an on-site assessment.
  2. Place an order, Allstate Solar will gain all the necessary approvals.
  3. Installation

How long does an average installation take?

3 to 4 hours, larger system takes more time. Battery systems take at least 1 or 2 days.

How long will it take for my installation to take place after making my booking?

4-5 weeks for metro areas. 6-8 weeks for country areas.

Can we upgrade the solar system in the future?

This depends on your roof space and the size of the inverter. If you have sufficient roof space and additional capacity in the inverter you could increase the size of your system or you could add a second system to your roof. Our solar representatives can advise you on this and incorporate into the system design. Please note any upgrade may affect your eligibility for an existing feed-in tariff. Please call us on 1300 166 477 for further information.

Do I need to be there while the system is installed?

Yes. Our expert installers will fully explain the system and how to read your inverter.

What if I have a flat roof?

Tilted mounting systems can be used to angle your solar panels in the best position. This will maximise on the generation of electricity from the sun.

Do you do off-grid/ stand-alone solar system

Yes. Call us on 1300 166 477. We can design and install off-grid solar system for you.

Can I have ground-mount solar system installed?

Yes. Depending on where you live you may need to obtain council approval before you build any frame work for your ground-mount solar system. Contact us on 1300 166 477 so that our engineer can design an appropriate engineering report in regard to the framework and electrical cabling.

Who is responsible for the warranties?

Reputable Solar Installation Companies will provide all details of manufacturer and workmanship warranties and will also provide an ongoing after sales service.

If you have any more questions please contact Allstate Solar on 1300 166 477 or email us [email protected]



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Dear Sir,

We would like to express how happy we are with our roof restorations.

It has made so much difference to the look of our home and has improved the value also.

Cyril and I would like to say how pleased we were with “Moses” work, job well done.

Many of our friends have commented on the new look, which pleases us immensely.


Thank you “All State Home Improvements” Well done Moses!!!!!

Hi Yong,

Hot water evacuated tubes installed and working really well – just solar no electricity needed since installed. 1.5kw system also now installed  – looking forward to much smaller electricity bill in future!

Kind regards,

Our Allstate Solar experience

We had looked at solar systems over the years, and were confused.

We found our ongoing electricity bills painful, and wanted to do something, but the advice we were given was confusing and conflicting, and lacks sufficient details for us to be able to make an informed decision.

That all changed when the Allstate Solar representative called on us.

Unlike other salespeople, he was very polite, extremely clear, patient and very good at clarifying and following through. We had a plan for how to make it all work and felt comfortable about moving ahead.

And then we got the panels installed. I have never dealt with such polite, considerate, enthusiastic and genuine tradespeople before. Having the panels put up was a delight, they communicated clearly what was needed and did their very best to suit our needs and timetables as well.

We would give this experience and a process at 10 out of 10, we have what we believe is a quality system up on our roof, that is saving us the price and the fear of unmanageable electricity bills.

You can see the difference the system has made to our bills (electricity bills attached).

Kind regards

Dear Rob,

I wish to take this opportunity to congratulate your team on a wonderful job that they have done in putting our solar needs together over the past couple of months.

We have been so impressed right from the start, from the home show in Adelaide to your office staff (Josie), production (Stephen) and installers (Dave & Darren).  They have all shown that they have an excellent knowledge of this product and their efficiency has been second to none, simply outstanding.  You have obviously gone out of your way to employ the best people both in work ethic and personality to operate your business and from what I have seen this has created for you an outstanding team of employees of which at times can be very to find.

They certainly have put the customer as ‘number one’ and have always responded courtesy and efficiently when I have made inquires and there has been a few.  With now 3 of our properties on solar we look forward to seeing the benefits in the future and who knows we may need to call on your services once again.

I will be highly recommending your company and your team to anyone who asks about our solar.

I wish you every success with Allstate Solar in the future.

Kind Regards,

Frank and I are happy and satisfied with the “ROLLER SHUTTER” which was installed by Scott, very professional, clean and friend, on the 9.10.2014.

I would like to thank Allstate Home Improvements for the excellent service and advise we received when choosing our new roller shutter. The sales rep was professional with a no pressure approach.

We were kept well informed on installation date and time. The installation was on time and well within the time frame quoted.

I’d recommend Allstate Home Improvements to anyone looking for the extra security of roller shutters.

with regards,

Thanks for a job!  Well done!


The solar was installed today.The installation crew are to be commended. Cheerful,courteous and obliging!

All in all I was most impressed.


I had an appointment with Allstate Solar on 17 May 2013. At exactly 10am that day Mr Yong Kuang representing Allstate Solar called at our house to discuss the advantages & in particular the cost savings of having solar installed.

The first things that impressed me with Yong was his punctuality to the appointment, his appearance and his friendly and polite manner.

I had been contemplating installing solar panels for over two years and had many salesmen call during this time. The main reason I had not purchased solar from them was because I was not satisfied with their answers to my questions, or they had not convinced me the benefits of solar was going to warrant the financial outlay.

In the week prior to Yong calling, I made a list of all the queries I had on solar, I was pleased Yong answered all my questions without any hesitation, and I must admit I was impressed at his overall knowledge of the product he was selling.

The answers and figures Yong produced that day changed my ideas about the benefits of solar, and as I would have been hard to convince, this would not have been easy for Yong to do.

I found Yong to be very pleasant and a humble person, and one you would have no trouble to make friends with. Although he is a salesman, an sales are the backbone of every business, I found him to be very considerate to my requirements, and not in a hurry to just get the sale regardless of the consequences. He did all the things I have always believed in, he sold himself to me and I bought the product from him.

A 5kw solar system was duly installed on 24th June 2013. The work was done very professionally and everything was done to my satisfaction. The installers were friendly, worked quickly but neatly, and left the area clean and tidy when they finished.

Prior to installing solar my quarterly AGL account was in the $400 bracket. Since 14 July when the solar meter was installed (with the exception of the last winter quarter, when there was an account of $172) all other quarterly accounts have been in credit.

N.B. These figures have been calculated using my contract rebate of 24cents per kw return to grid.

Since purchasing this solar system I was happy to display Allstate signs on my front & side fences for twelve months, and during this time a friend of mine and two members of my family have purchased solar systems from this Company that I am aware of.

Right from the start dealing with Allstate Solar has been a professional experience, from the initial door knock to the finished installation.

The meeting we had with Anand before signing with Allstate was relaxed and extremely informative. We found Anand to be honest and not once did he try to sell us more than we needed, in fact he worked with our budget and came up with the best plan we could afford.

Once signed up we were informed of the installation time line and everything we needed to know to move ahead. The guys who installed the system did an extremely professional job, and explained the workings of the system so we could monitor the efficiency of the panels and what to look for if something was to have a fault.

At the time of this letter we did not have a bill that included the use of solar so therefore cannot comment on savings to be had with the system.

Overall the experience has been professional and we highly recommend the use of Allstate to install your Solar System.

in December 2014 my wife Krystal and I decided to look into getting solar power put onto our 3 bedroom home. We have a growing family, which consists of a two and a half year old boy and are pregnant again expecting a baby in July 2015.
Our power bill at this time was on average between $600 and $700 per quarter. This is when we thought that it would be a good time to look into Solar for various reasons, including a cheaper bill, benefits for the environment and adding value to our property.
It was at this time we received a phone call from Allstate Solar and a meeting was setup between ourselves and a sales representative, Anand Raicha.
Anand came to our home with all the relevant information about their product, including samples of the panels they use, warranty details and an awareness of the local weather conditions (sunlight hours) which effect the efficiency of the system. During this meeting Anand was able to answer any questions or queries we had, and even gave us a list of people that have used Allstate Solar service so we could ring them and discuss their experiences. I actually decided to do this and the people were all extremely happy with the service, quality of installation and the safe work methods adopted.
It was at this point that we decided to proceed with the purchase of a 3kw system. The system was installed professionally and promptly, just as Anand said it would. The guys were in and out in a day, doing a wonderful job and leaving the work area clean and tidy. The system was commissioned and ran throughout the summer months and is still running nicely now.
We have since received our first quarterly power bill with the Solar system connected, and wow what a difference it made. The cost came down from $680 on our last bill to $130, so we were pleasantly surprised!!
Overall the experience for us so far has been a good one, and would recommend Allstate Solar product to any body interested. We would also like to make a special mention of Anand and the professional, yet approachable way he has been throughout our Solar experience!!

Thank you!

We are so pleased we have chosen to purchase our roller shutters from Allstate. Right from the start we were very impressed with the salesmanship, Anand was very polite, friendly and did not push us to make the sale. When picking our shutters we were impressed with the range of colors.

We are positive that they will make all the difference as the heat from that room also transferred to the rest of the house.

We are so pleased with how easy it is to use them, we have a remote control shutter so it is just a matter of pressing the button. We would like to highly praise the workmen that installed the shutters, they were so polite, professional and they cleaned up everything after themselves, they was no mess left at all.

We would highly recommend the company to anyone.

In July 2014, I was approached by Anand about purchasing your solar panels. Anand explained the system, how it works and the saving I would make, very clearly and since I have now received my first power bill, very accurately.

The product is excellent quality, the workman who installed the solar panels were very quick, friendly and professional.

We recently purchased a solar system from Allstate Solar expressly through their salseman’s effort of a thorough explanation of how it works and benefit from its use.

We sincerely recommend any one to contact Allstate Solar for their inquires.

The services through this system was immediate much to our satisfaction.

We happily recommend Allstate Solar to any prospective customers.

Our first contact was over the phone with the Telemarketing team, who were courteous, knowledgeable and easy to speak with. From this contract, an appointment was made for a sales representative to come to our home and discuss the product and our specific requirements in more detail.

We had the pleasure of meeting Baruch Netto, who came to our home and not only explained the product but also listened to our requirements, and asked questions to ensure that we were buying the right product for our needs. Baruch allowed enough time with us so we were not rushed in our conversation- it was not a hard and fast “sales pitch” which we appreciated. On being explained the benefits to us and the quality of the product we decided to purchase an Allstate Solar System.

The next step was installation of the system. Luke Serdar and team came at the agreed time and date, to install the system. Luke was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. He discussed in detail the benefits of different positioning of the system, which resulted in us making some last minutes changes to our original ideas for placement. Luke was professional, well mannered and hark working and we were very happy for his experience.

We met Baruch on 18 July 2015, and the system installation was complete on 24 Aug 2015, with no fuss or inconvenience to us. The process ran smoothly and we only wish all professional dealings were of this standard.

Thanks to the professional and friendly team of people that we dealt with at, and working for Allstate Solar.

Thanks you for our solar system.

From the beginning the whole process was easy and all staff we have dealt with have been friendly, helpful and efficient. When I have called up with queries (was always called back very promptly- Great customer service by all staff.

We are very happy with the products and administration team of Allstate.

We would recommend the installer. He was very good and reliable. He was very honest and left no mess what so ever.

My wife and I totally recommend the sales and service provided by Allstate Solar.

We were very skeptical at first and it took us a long time to find a company that we felt comfortable dealing with.

The installation guys are professional and tidy.

We saved over $200 in our first quarterly bill.

Happy, Happy, Happy.

I was personally very impressed with Allstate Solar and will not hesitate to recommend them to any prospective clients.

We had been thinking about getting solar for a while and when Allstate consultant, Anand, showed us their products we decided to go ahead with it. Well we couldn’t be happier! Our power bill has been cut by two thirds and for a family of 2 adults and three teenagers that is a huge saving! We found the installers are brilliant, very efficient and professional. They explained to us how everything worked and we couldn’t have had a better experienced team of guys. We are so pleased that Anand called into our house that day, his knowledge of product and explanation of how it all worked was just what we needed to be confident to go ahead with it and we are so glad we did.

Thanks Anand and Allstate Solar!

We had roller blinds fitted by Allstate Home Improvements just prior to Christmas 2015. We have found that they have reduced the road noise, the radiated heat that we used to feel coming through the glass windows, and when the grand children stay it darkens the room so that they can sleep in.

We have found the sales information was correct, and we are truly enjoying the advantages. The blind fitter also accomplished the task with speed and efficiency, and was a pleasure to have working around the house.

I have no hesitation in recommending Allstate Home Improvements to anyone.

Our shutters were installed in Jan 2015. We are really pleased that we decided to purchased them as now that we are having much warmer weather the house stays so much cooler. The shutters have also insulated the house on cooler nights and kept the warmth in. As we have only done the front of the house that faces the sun we are now considering installing shutters on the back so that all the house is insulated.

We  would like to thank you for delivering accurate sales information on the shutters and the delivery time was when indicated. The tradesman was very professional and completed the job quickly and efficiently.

We would recommend anyone to purchase through Allstate Solar & Home Improvements and like us they will not be disappointed.


Firstly, thank you for installing our new roller shutters in such a professional manner. We didn’t get any run-around nor hand balled from one person to the next.  The sales rep gave us a very extensive run down on styles, colours and options selections. The installer Scott was equally professional. He’s a clean nut, but in a good way, vacuum in on hand and spirit level in the other is always a good sign. He also explained how to use and maintain the controls and units for years of trouble free operation. You should be as proud of your workers as I am of my new roller shutters. Anybody reading this is more than welcome to grab their magnifying glass and come on over.

If you are thinking of buying of roller shutters I recommend you to support Allstate Home Improvements as we are very satisfied with the service and installation we have received.

Thank you for organizing the installation of our ‘Apricus’ solar hot water system. It was installed very efficiently on the 11th of Aug 2014 this year and is working very well. A great improvements on the old system.

Our grid-connected solar system which was installed on the 11.4.2013 continues to operate very efficiently and we have saved money on our power bills.

Thank you again for service and we will look forward to doing further business with Allstate Solar